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Statement for Kai: Following the Cycle of Life
Series consists of 43 images
Gelatin silver print
14" x 14"

Kai: Following the Cycle of Life

This series of images is an ongoing body of work that is very personal in nature. They revolve around a time of change in my life when I found out that my father was dying of cancer and that my wife was pregnant with our daughter. Photographing became a way for me to "slow down" and question the changes that were bringing a different rhythm to my life. I began to realize the importance of preserving and creating memories by constructing visual connections and relationships between my family members. As I observe my daughter grow, I have become interested in questioning the link between the self, parent, and child. Through this cycle of age, I began to recognize time as being circular where the beginning and end can occur simultaneously.

Kai is the circle that keeps turning.